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Image: Singer Ama Chandra
Image: singer

I LIVED DAMMIT, Creative Alliance. November 2015

The new year. Throughout cultures all over the world, time is followed in its own way. For me, my new creative year normally begins at the end of the year. It’s a time where I begin to feel revitalized, renewed and buried an avalanche of clarity. This year my renewal is coming in slowly like the spring. While I’m still a photographer, I’m shifting the nature of this blog so that I can share more experience of my creative life. Friends are continually asking me about music, connecting, art, artist life, engagement and community. There are a lot of amazing creatives I’ve met over the past year and even more that I’ve known for years. Note, this blog will be biased afull of my personal photography, travels, good art, great music, laughter and beautiful people. Come ride with me….